"We wanted to wear gorgeous underwear, all day, every day."

The most comfortable underwear in the world. Every day.

You know that feeling, when you feel like you have to take your bra off that second or else you might lose your mind? Well we were tired of having to take our bra off half way through the day. We were tired of having to separate our underwear drawer into “cute” or “comfortable”. So we set out to combine the two. To create a range of underwear that was flattering, sexy and super comfortable.

“We don’t believe that beautiful underwear should be saved for a special occasion.  And we don’t believe that gorgeous underwear should creep, scratch, bite, or cost the world.“

What makes us the most comfortable underwear in the world? After 2 long years in development we can say with confidence that we have found a winning formula. Yes, it really has taken us that long. We have tried and tested hundreds of variables – fabrics, elastics, cuts, fits, sizes, measurements.

Hundreds of pairs tested, thousands of prototypes made, and tons of fittings, tweaks and changes later, and thanks to an amazing team behind the scenes, we have a range that will make you feel sexy, sassy and comfortable all day long.

meet the founders

We’re almost embarrassed to admit how obsessed we have always been with new underwear, but because of this we cannot count how many different brands we’ve tried.

We have been lucky enough to try and test brands and underwear from all around the world. But even with drawers and drawers of bralettes, bikini briefs, thongs and camisoles, we were still searching for an underwear that would leave us feeling comfy and sassy all day long.

So with an incredible team of experts (that took us a while to find), we flirted with some ideas and got to work on our first collection – a small range of underwear that would leave women feeling empowered, sexy and comfortable.

Something Sassy is about feeling effortlessly confident and comfortable in your own skin, so that you can focus on conquering the world.


Georgia & Jemima

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